1947 Housing Society Islamabad

A Hybrid Approach of cultural and modern amenities at one place: 

As the world’s population grows and cities become more crowded than ever, governments around the world are grappling with the subject of national housing. Pakistan has experienced tremendous urbanization and many housing projects during the last four decades. 1947 Housing Society Islamabad is an amazing Housing Society.

1947  Housing in Islamabad’s capital city is a new model in history, a “Hybrid” strategy to restore our inherited cultural and traditional values for its citizens while also using smart modern technologies in one location.

The mission of 1947 Housing Islamabad is to reinstate traditional Pakistani lifestyles while embracing modern amenities. It is a stunning housing development comprised of commercial and residential premises outfitted with high-end amenities and services. The 1947 Housing Scheme allows you to live a modern lifestyle at a cheap cost. In a nutshell, 1947 Housing will be a remarkable endeavor that mixes our traditional heritage with modern amenities.

1947 Housing Society Islamabad

Location map

When it comes to real estate investing, the importance of location cannot be underlined. It has a huge impact on the rise and fall of prices. The housing projects that are placed in a pleasant area help to attract investors to the complex.

The location of this masterpiece is critical to the project plan. The site’s location in the heart of Islamabad makes it a one-of-a-kind option for a home.

Kolian Hamid, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan is the location of 1947 Housing.

The project’s exceptional location puts it close to not just the capital city’s most renowned tourist attractions, but also necessities.

The 1947 Housing Society Islamabad project is a fantastic and unique project on the edges of Islamabad, and we all know how beautiful Islamabad is.


Sectors and Amenities

The 1947 Housing Society’s developers partitioned the society into sectors for ease and convenience. There are 13 sectors in the housing society. Each sector has all of the amenities that the housing society offers.

1947 housing, in addition to the amenities that will be available to you as a part of the project’s prime location in the capital city of Islamabad, aims to deliver the best and most innovative luxuries inside the project to elevate the living quality to new heights.

It comprises educational institutions for the children of residents, beautiful parks for amusement, walking zones for dwellers to get some fresh air, large mosques for religious purposes, and emergency health facilities. The housing development aims to provide residents with exceptional services. Every essential element will be built within the construction, eradicating the need to go outside. Some of the appealing aspects are listed below:

  • Appealing Structure
  • Community Club
  • Banks
  • Horse-riding club
  • Boating club
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Central Library
  • Central Recreational Park
  • Sports Ground
  • Educational Institutes
  • Graveyard
  • Business Park
1947 pricing plan

Live with Feelings

In the Indian Subcontinent, Muhallah was formerly a basic self-reliant unit of our society. It was a hub of community shared responsibility, encouraging support for one another in both good and bad times. It would offer people a sense of security, ‘we feeling’ togetherness and social integrity. This lovely feature has faded over time as a result of an adopted Western way of life. As a “Hybrid” housing complex, “1947 Housing” will preserve this lovely characteristic. Every Muhallah will have basic amenities such as a mosque, a little shop for domestic consumption, a clinic with a qualified doctor, a school, and other necessities at the doorstep.

About Developers

Sigal Group is the owner and developer of 1947 Housing Islamabad. They have risen to the top of the development services marketplace. The 1947 Housing Society is establishing itself as a benchmark for other current societies under the expert guidance of Sigal Development.

In terms of real estate and building development, the Sigal Group is unmatched. Sigal Development is one of the companies that aims to build a stable and influential infrastructure

Payment Plan

Aside from its fantastic location and unique features, the 1947 Housing Scheme provides an inexpensive and sensible payment plan customized just for its valued investors. In the real estate industry, payment arrangements are quite crucial. In a nutshell, a great payment plan is a key to society’s attraction. It opens up investment options to a wide spectrum of people, even those living on minimum wage. The price of a plot of 05 Marla starts at 163,500/-, whereas the price of a plot of 08 Marla starts at 255,000/-. The 1947 Housing Scheme is a good choice if you’re searching for a complex with high-end amenities and services, as well as a peaceful ambiance and a dynamic vibe.

A processing fee of $10,000 is required, with the balance of the payment easily accomplished under the installment plan.

Their offers

1947 Housing is mostly a residential project, but there is also a commercial sector intended to help residents. So you may buy a house in this housing complex.

However, there will be a wide range of sizes, resulting in price disparities. You can purchase plots of various sizes.

  • 5 Marla Plot
  • 10 Marla Plot
  • 20 Marla Plot
  • Commercial Plots

So those were all of the facts of 1947 Housing, and we hope you enjoyed learning more about this amazing project. We also hope that analyzing this project persuades you to invest in it for a lucrative return in the future.

The best return on investment will be achieved by investing in such a project. As an outcome, you should visit this project as soon as possible to invest in it.

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