For almost every B2B company, lead generation is one of the most critical goals in marketing. However, only about 31% see lead generation as a goal of their B2B social media marketing! Why?

The study “B2B Social Media in Practice by leads360, nonetheless, showed that presently just 31.4% of all B2B companies name lead generation as the objective of their social media sites marketing. The key factor for this is that B2B business ask themselves how list building can function by means of B2B social media marketing. and, experience has actually shown that

In the last blog article, “Social media is better suited for B2B than B2C”, B2B social media marketing’s excellent suitability for lead generation was described, which results from its specific characteristics.


The following shows where lead generation opportunities in B2B social media marketing are hidden. To explain the advantages of lead generation via B2B social media marketing, a shared understanding of a lead should first be created.

A lead is a potential consumer who expresses his passion for a product and services. A lead is a certified prospect that leaves their contact information for info on a certain subject (e.g., using white paper) for a product demo or a straight deal.

Determining a lead goal as well as integrating it on the website or microsite is a long way from producing leads. It is necessary to market those lead objectives throughout different channels. In particular, advertising and marketing via B2B social media sites advertising and marketing leads to various benefits for business.

B2B social media marketing is characterized by sharing relevant content, which gives a high reach. By integrating social sharing options with the lead goals or by actively disseminating them in social networks, the probability is high that the users will share the lead goal if it is relevant. It increases the range of enormously. On the other hand, experience has actually revealed that interested parties are more likely to use the lead goal if recommended to them by a friend or business partner in the network.

Since social media content is now ranking better and better by search engines, marketing via B2B social media marketing can also have the side effect of search engine optimization. The likelihood that a user will become aware of the lead goal increases considerably.


Exciting content is the be-all and end-all for successful lead generation. If this is available, does a user show the willingness to deposit his contact details in return? At this stage, a parallel can be drawn to B2B social media marketing.

B2B social media marketing also depends on attractive target group-relevant content. In addition to a conversion-optimized landing page and the lead goal’s marketing, the content is the decisive key to successful lead generation. Only if the content is appealing or involving and promises benefits will the user spread it on social media.

Social media offer B2B companies the opportunity to build even greater trust with potential customers through direct contact. When particular attention is paid to the disclosure of personal data on the Internet, trust is vital. Therefore, own, independent, and reputable platforms, in particular, represent an ideal environment for lead generation in B2B social media marketing.


The biggest challenge that is posed to those responsible for marketing in B2B social media marketing is the question of the ROI. Unfortunately, the ROI of individual social media marketing measures cannot always be measured.

Success depends on various aspects, especially since direct sales are rarely the goal of the measures. However, it is relatively easy to measure how many leads were generated by a step. Because of the transparency provided, it is possible to precisely track which channel/platform the lead was generated and which content is consumed. The content can also be optimized here if necessary.


 B2B social media marketing can only generate leads as the sole online marketing measure in the rarest of cases. However, you can develop new networked B2B online marketing approaches for lead generation with social media marketing.

Traditional approaches to lead generation that have been tried and tested so far must not hide from change but must be transferred into the new age of B2B online marketing. It is the only way to guarantee that high-quality leads will be generated in the future and that the conversion rate will steadily increase. With successful integration, social media marketing contributes to this successful evolution through its specific advantages, such as developing trust and the character of recommendation marketing.