Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing lead generation platforms but is still underutilized by real estate companies? Almost 80% of Millennials use Pinterest to decide what to buy. Pinterest now has well over 335 million monthly active users, over 80% of whom are on mobile devices. You need to overwhelm Pinterest to produce your land leads! Could you do it?

When people start planning something new in their life, Pinterest is also an ideal place to come up with ideas and bring them to a place to think about their future. As a potential real estate agent, you can influence your thoughts here. They become the source of the things they want in their first or next home.


You want to establish yourself as an authority in your region. For this reason, lapel pins are essential for anything related to the part, especially real estate. Your pins prove your knowledge. You reveal the local economy, local fun, local red pandas at the Eureka Zoo and otters swimming in the plexiglass tube with your child. Pin these otters and pandas!

Local real estate keywords are essential. Do you specialize in houses that can be rented out to students? How about some fixer tops? Homes on golf courses or near local high schools? Apartments with a view of the ocean? Pinterest them!
One thing people want to know when they move to an area is this: What is there, there, for me? For example, people considering moving to Eureka, California, may want to collect pictures of exciting things about Eureka. It is their visual search engine that they drop pictures of about things that interest them.

A real estate agent in Eureka will post exciting things in Eureka. Sequoia Park Garden has some beautiful pictures. Pin some! The Pink Lady and Carson Mansion are classic Victorian houses. Photos of both are prevalent in photographs. How about the idyllic port of Eureka? There are many fishing boats with crab traps on board. Nearby Trinidad and Patrick’s Point are great destinations. But none of them hit the majestic redwood forests with the tallest trees in the world! Pinterest these locations mixed in with your real estate options.


What you can pin is up to your imagination. What draws attention to your home food is most important. Topic selection is essential, but it can be as diverse as the area you live in and the differences in the types of houses you sell.

You can create different themed boards for your property listings. For example, a theme can be bedroom ideas. Pictures of the bedrooms offered by your company can be displayed. Did you see some very interesting? Home décor? Eureka is known as a travel destination, surrounded by many exciting, inexpensive tourist attractions. Gardening, backyard ideas, and landscaping are particularly interesting in Humboldt County. Major renovation There are many ideas here, both for houses that are more than a hundred years old and for many newer houses. The architecture here is fascinating, with old Victorians and modern university facilities. You can also find lots of interesting DIY home décor ideas in the homes that you market.


You! You are the best real estate lead generator. Believe in yourself and work hard. Make Pinterest work for you! Create links for the homes you list and paste them on Pinterest!

In Eureka, the seat of Humboldt County and with a seaport, most of the homes are older homes, so a Pinterest board for renovating a home would be fantastic. Before and after pictures of kitchen conversions would fascinate some people.

Many of the houses have redwood trees in their yards and deer running across the streets. How many cities do these have? Do you have signs warning drivers to beware of moose? Historic Ferndale is nearby, where several notable films were made.

Set up Pinterest board ideas to generate seller leads. You want people to go to your Pinterest boards to see how they can add value to the home they are trying to sell. How are they supposed to sell their house? Let them know who is coming to you when they want to buy a home. Rule the Market!

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