Let talk about the basics of lead generation before discussing lead generation for insurance companies .Let’s start ! Most organizations realize that they have to create more leads, however, how to execute a successful strategy, most don’t have any idea where to start.

61% of B2B marketers name lead generation as one of their biggest hurdle, so it’s nothing unexpected that there’s so much negating information about the subject.

Lead generation for insurance companies​ means the process of recognizing valuable customers or clients for your service or business product.

In opposite to mainstream thinking, lead generation isn’t just about cold calling or ​sending out a lot of emails​. It’s a complex process that requires various strategies to be productive.


Lead generation is vital to a business. Without it, a business will not make sales and expand. A business must have a powerful lead generation strategy. As a business will struggle to generate leads as they are uncertain what kind of customers they are hoping to pull in and sell to.

Numerous businesses today give importance to lead Generation as it generates traffic to their sites where they can change over leads into clients. Google has made the way toward connecting clients to businesses simpler and easier, guaranteeing that businesses can tell the world how unique their products and services are from their competitors. It permits you to focus on a client who is effectively searching for your product or service by means of a search engine.

While having an engaging website, it catches the eye of a potential client who is searching for something relevant. It guarantees that your business stands apart from your competitors and increases the odds of your lead generation. The potential client is more likely to give an engaging website their contact information rather than a less attractive website with no engagement.


While lead generation may be the spine of an insurance company, it can also sometimes be difficult to work with and figure out for the best results.  

While conducting a LinkedIn Technology Marketing Survey, it was found that 68% of respondents claimed that their top most marketing concern was enhancing the quality of their leads, rather than just acquiring them on a large scale. The second concern of insurance companies was being able to improve lead volume. Do you see a pattern here? This survey reflected a major concern that exists across all industries, unanimously – what can a business do to improve the quantity as well as the quality of their leads?

Diving into another problem. In accordance with a study conducted by Madison Logic, qualified leads can cost one as high as 100 rupees per lead. To make it simpler, quality leads are extremely difficult as well as costly to acquire. This is especially true for the world of insurance, based on finance. When in the insurance lead generation companies, you’ll see that traditional marketing tactics and contact purchasing concurrently, are still prevalent and most common methods for building sales lists. But in all honesty? There’s a better approach. This article will go on to explore some of the most successful, and effective insurance lead generation marketing strategies, that will surely leave an imprint, and offer a whole new perspective on the subject.


Here, we refer to another survey – 93% of participants in a Marketo survey claimed that in their experience, content marketing has worked to generate far more leads than old, and traditional marketing strategies. Yes, what is this? What are they talking about here?

What they’re talking about is, being able to employ highly targeted and specific content through an aimed, and tested methodology that can successfully attract and convert visitors into good quality leads. In a situation such as this, where content marketing leads to inbound leads, we go on to coin it with the term inbound marketing.

Furthermore, not only does a content-based approach to lead generation for insurance companies do a lot more than simply just build lead quantity, it truly works to attract higher quality leads too, that’s essential for your business.

This is a fact that you need to remember – good catchy content will definitively attract attention from prospects, and broaden the target audience.

When you go on to create useful, educational, and modern content, potential policyholders will give you their full attention. All you need to consider is how confusing most insurance methods and processes are to average consumers and the fact that effective content marketing appeals directly to their pertinent questions, helping you strike the iron while it’s hot.

After this, through a sustained amount of exposure to your content over time, and with time —what some people effectively term as lead nurturing —these potential leads will remember you as a valuable insurance resource in the future, associate you with trust and authority and refer you to other people.

Also, another noteworthy point – authority does equal a higher ranking on Google!

If you shift your focus to answering all the questions your potential customers are already asking and inquiring after, then you stand a good chance of ranking higher in search engines with your response articles. Consider a ‘top 10’ ranking for a common question – this will serve to bring thousands of visitors to your site each month, without costing you a dime beyond the mere cost of production.

For example’s sake, let’s suppose you are responsible for managing marketing for business lines at a mutual insurance company. A healthy prospect for you, might in turn show up in the form of a small professional services firm, with a subsequent business manager and, owner as of the highlight of the main decision-making team. And now, if neither of them has ever, previously, bought forth professional liability insurance before, where will they go to for answers? Clearly, the answer is Google! For all your needs, Google.

Moreover, the content will help you build your social media presence over time. Which is extremely useful for generating leads.

Content is by far, the best way to build a massive audience on social media that everyone needs! Your future clients are already there, browsing away, but it’s on you to be able to engage with them effectively to drive and generate more revenue, as well as growth.

For starters, create content that serves as a resource for people. Your policyholders can carry on the chain, and share it for you. In other words, your customers will in turn, on their own social media, become your social promoters, helping you gain new followers and promoting brand awareness. We all trust our friends more than any other source of information, and if they are on social media, re-sharing someone’s content, their business will definitely attract more customers, including ourselves.

The insurance business is also specifically and particularly well-positioned to benefit from social referrals. Purchasing an insurance policy is often enough of a considered purchase that novice buyers often ask for trusted advice. Revamp your social media game!

If you are intent on opting for content marketing as your long term or short – term strategy, make sure you help your customers achieve all of their goals, and go an extra mile for the cause. For example, off the top of our heads, say, you sell healthcare insurance to people in America, hence – dedicate a series to showcasing to people how Obamacare affects their lives in a positive way.

Are you now, curious about what forms and shapes your content can take on? Well, a DemandWave report went on to reveal that white papers were considered the most effective form!

That same DemandWave report also went on to shed light on the most effective social media networks to be used for lead generation. Unsurprisingly, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn continued to show up at the top.

You should come up with a posting schedule and figure out how you’re going to be updating content. Here’s something you can do:

  1. Publish an article and share it with all of your social media accounts. Furthermore, make share to share a tweet on Twitter 2-3 times throughout the week. It’s important to stay consistent.
  2. Post your article in target social communities with a thought-provoking discussion.
  3. Publish the content in your email newsletter to a particular segment of the audience.

Remember, insurance lead generation does not simply exist within a separate vacuum. Brand new technologies will continue to shape, evolve, and change form to alter the insurance industry at-large as well as how insurance companies will market themselves.

For instance, think about this – smart devices at home and in the workplace (e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Nest, etc.) are already trailing behind a massive impact on insurance, but how many companies are taking advantage of emerging technologies to go on to further differentiate themselves?

Hence, lead generation for insurance companies can be done in many different ways and you can get down, and get creative with almost all of them. Its important to remain innovative within your business, as well as owing much needed value to traditional marketing principles.

We hope this article helped!