Social media – there’s no way you don’t own it! Social media for lead generation is extremely multi faceted and a centripetal force for our daily lives. B2B marketers are now employing the use of social media platforms, and is on the rise as the number 1 content marketing tactic.

Some businesses may become overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of all the social networks present, and may be led to believe that they need to have a presence on all of them. That would very quickly become a menace, since it’s exceedingly difficult to maintain a meaningful presence on one platform, let alone several others.

On the forefront of your social media strategy, should be 3 goals. To build awareness, to showcase your expertise and to effectively generate sales contacts for your B2B campaign. In this blog, we’ll proceed to discuss a couple of social media platforms you can best use to your advantage.


LinkedIn is, no doubt, truly the best platform for meaningful B2B lead generation, primarily because it’s a professional website, filled to the brim with decision makers looking for ways to enhance their business, secure their own leads and strike up meaningful conversations with their peers in the industry.

Here’s what you need to know – LinkedIn folks are extremely responsive to say, a blog post that perhaps addresses something in their business that needs attention or a big revamp.

A big bonus that the site offers, is its proficient notification system: whenever you visit a user’s LinkedIn profile – that user is, subsequently, immediately alerted, and in most cases, they’ll check the profiles of anyone who’s viewed theirs – that’s how the platform works. This plays out as a preemptory introduction service – the key to building awareness for your company and brand image, before you even, physically initiate the first contact.


Twitter is where thousands of conversations are happening all at once – or rather, all the conversations that matter right now.

For this platform, stay on top of your timeline, contribute regularly to various posts that pop up on your feed, and comment, retweet, share and hashtag away.  Make sure your content is highly relevant to the industry you work in.

A way for you to be able to organize the Twitter accounts you follow is by creating various lists. If you’re curious, and want to see what your competitors are up to, a list can make it all the more easier to catch up on conversations you may have missed out on.


If you think Facebook is best known for connecting people, yet has nothing to do with B2B marketing campaigns – stop, and think again! Facebook is an invaluable service, that provides stellar, all round advertising intelligence on your audience. An example is, using Facebook retargeting to show ads JUST to people who have visited your website, hence, have expressed an interest in your product or service. On this platform, employ the virtues of remaining honest, human and transparent throughout, and your audience will appreciate your candor, trust your insights and reciprocate.