Why are events powerful tools for lead generation?

Is there anyone who know about powerful tools for lead generation? Furthermore, if you know it’s tied to your career, a concurrent topic or renowned speakers, there’s an even bigger incentive to attend.Events are known as powerful tools for lead generation.

Coming to the discussion at hand, events are extremely powerful tools for lead generation. For businesses, hosting events is a great way to increase brand awareness, reach out to potential clients and generate qualified B2B leads. There’s no better way to present your brand, first hand in the best way possible, and establish face-to-face relationships with potential buyers – at a time and place of your own choosing.

To add weightage to our argument, in-person events have been rated the most effective B2B tactic by the Content Marketing Institute for six years running, and 81% of marketers consistently use them. That shouldn’t come as no surprise! A well-organized event will inspire conversation and discussion – exactly the kind of things that you need to build long term relationships with clients.

Plan your own B2B lead generation event

In today’s ever evolving world, creating an opportunity for personal contact has never been as imperative. In the digital sphere we now inhabit, people crave interactions that are up-close-and-personal.

That being said, B2B lead generation events can don many different costumes, and wear several different hats and formats. It could be a small breakfast for say, 5 key industry persons, or a more casual, laid back, after-work gathering for 50 people or more. These customized, bespoke events can be highly targeted, pin-pointed and focused.

Capitalize on someone else’s event

Use this as an opportunity and be resourceful! A tradeshow can offer the perfect opportunity to make as big of an impact on as you want, due to several decision makers present, in a limited amount of time.

Coming from a sales lead generation point of view, keep in mind, and remember to put out any new technology or products with a wow factor in the spotlight to attract attention and help you stand out in the crowd.

Be mindful of the fact that tradeshows offer a pivotal opportunity to stage an event – within an event! You have a willing, captive audience at a show or conference that you can invite to your own event, which can complement the overall tradeshow by showcasing the specifics of your products or services, targeting a select audience.

Conferences also offer opportunities to sit on panels or act as a speaker. Always accept these; they bring brand awareness and exposure to the right audience, without you even knowing the far – reaching impacts!

Pointers for organizing an event for B2B lead generation:

  1. Make sure events are all round entertaining and extremely relaxing. Make sure your invitation sets that expectation beforehand, so all prospective customers are more inclined to attend and make the most out of it.
  2. The best thing is for events to be held in convenient locations. Offer refreshments or a meal, maybe breakfast sandwiches for morning meetings – just an idea.
  3. Personalize your invitations and treat every invitee like a VIP! This is very important.
  4. Events should allow for ample time to mingle and entertain, over drinks, to create an atmosphere conducive to connecting with others in an easy-going, casual way, rather than an awkward and stiff environment.
  5. Make sure your event organizers are organized, goal-oriented people who have the same objectives in mind as you do, and make sure they pull off a success!